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Umbiie is a global skills-matching platform for legal professionals. We connect legal professionals with companies and projects all around the world.

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Umbiie brings the shared skills economy to legal recruitment. Turns costs into profit, rewards verification, accuracy and connectivity. Power is in your hands!

No more barriers

We remove traditional barriers to create a world where lawyers can make connections, get work, and be compensated at their market rate.


We believe that your information should be kept safe and secure, so we've made it anonymous until there's a 100% match.

Global legal network

We’re a global platform which matches you with the best legal opportunities from around the world - No matter where you live.


Your personal profile & secure digital space

Umbiie is a secure digital solution for you to manage your profile, personal documents and gain access to new opportunities. Access your account from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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Legal professionals and companies

We help companies save time and money by connecting them to the right attorneys for the job, and we help lawyers find new opportunities.

Legal Professionals

Whether you are a candidate attorney or a lawyer looking for a new opportunity, Umbiie will assist you in your search.

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We connect law firms and corporations with a network of lawyers, enabling them to work on projects together.

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Never miss an opportunity to connect

Umbiie is available across all devices, giving you full control over your profile regardless of where you are.

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