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Full control

You control the process: whether you release your details and connect with opportunities, or not.


Your personal details remain anonymous, companies will then match your skills and experience to their needs

Global opportunities

Umbiie connects you with companies and projects from around the world.

Showcase your skills

Umbiie's technology removes your resume biases and objectifies your credentials to help you reach your full potential.


3 easy steps to become part of the skill set revolution

Create your profile

Sign up and create your profile, upload past experience and as much information as possible to ensure a 100% match.

Complete KYC

The KYC process is an easy and quick way to verify your profile. If you are unable to complete the KYC process, we will be unable to approve your application.

Engage with companies

You will be notified when you match with an opportunity. You have full control over whether to engage with them or not.